Prof. Martin Brown

Martin Brown is professor of banking at the University of St. Gallen. His research is focused on money & banking, household finance, and payment behavior.

Prof. Matthias Fengler

Matthias Fengler is professor of Econometrics at the University of St. Gallen. He works in financial econometrics, asset pricing, volatility modeling, and risk management.

Prof. Rafael Lalive

Rafael Lalive is professor of economics at the University of Lausanne. He works on questions related to social economics and labor economics, and how Covid-19 affects these areas of research.

Dr. Robert Rohrkemper

Robert Rohrkemper is a senior data scientist and distinguished expert at Worldline. He implements machine learning and AI capabilities to enhance fraud detection and to enable novel data-driven use cases in the electronic payments industry. 

Dr. Thomas Spycher

Thomas Spycher is partner and co-founder at the data analytics company Novalytica. He focuses on the analysis and modeling of local-level data for clients in real estate and marketing. 

Matthias Spichiger

Matthias Spichiger is a research assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics. For questions and suggestions about our project, don’t hesitate to send an email.