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Index of Weekly Economic Activity

About: The index of weekly economic activity (WEA) provides immediate information about the growth of the Swiss economy. It does not replace the GDP calculations, but it shows a high correlation with the growth of real GDP in Switzerland and supplements the existing data. The calculation covers the period from 2005 and is based on daily and weekly indicators.

Source: SECO – State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Period / Frequency: Weekly

KOF High-Frequency Economic Monitoring

About: The KOF Swiss Economic Institute provides a wide range of indicators for high-frequency economic monitoring, including an economic activity index focusing on mobility and sales activity in Switzerland that is updated on a daily basis.

Source: KOF – Swiss Economic Institute

Period / Frequency: Daily & Weekly


About: trendEcon provides a set of economic indicators for Switzerland based on Google search trends. These indicators are updated daily and provide policymakers and business leaders with timely information about the Swiss economy.

Source: Collaboration of cynkra (data consultancy), KOF Swiss Economic Institute, the economic forecast division of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions (SGB) and the University of St. Gallen.

Period / Frequency: Daily


Weekly Activity Index for the German Economy

About: The weekly activity index (WAI) is an index designed to measure real economic activity in Germany in a timely manner. The index is based on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly indicators for the German economy.

Source: Deutsche Bundesbank

Period / Frequency: Weekly

Truck Toll Mileage Index

About: The truck toll mileage index provides approximate indications of the development of industrial production in Germany at an early stage. The index developed by the Federal Office for Goods Transport traces the development of the mileage of trucks on German motorways. It is calculated from digital process data of the truck toll collection system and updated every working day during the corona crisis.

Source: German Statistical Office (DESTATIS)

Period / Frequency: Daily


Weekly GDP-Indicator by the Austrian National Bank

About: This indicator employs truck mileage data to estimate exports, payment card sales by foreigners to estimate tourism exports, daily figures on registered unemployment in the construction sector to estimate construction investment and a weighted average of nonconstruction investment to estimate demand components for which suitable daily indicators are unavailable. Power consumption is used to estimate industrial activity. The development of public consumption and inventory changes are assumed to be stable.

Source: National Bank of Austria (ONB)

Period / Frequency: By-weekly

United States

Opportunity Insights – Economic Trackers

About: The Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker combines anonymized data from leading private companies – from credit card processors to payroll firms – to provide a real-time picture of indicators such as employment rates, consumer spending, and job postings across counties, industries, and income groups

Source: Harvard University – Opportunity Insights

Period / Frequency: Daily & Weekly