Featured Analyses

Payment Card Transactions in Switzerland: Weather Effect

Content: Using daily debit card payments and ATM data from 2021:01 to 2021:05, we visualize the correlation between consumer spending and different weather indices as well as precipitation, temperature and sunshine duration.The analysis is done for the merchant categories Food and beverage services; Retail: Food, beverage, tobacco; Retail: Fuel stations on Canton level. Leisure indices (e.g. TV Index or BBQ Index) that aggregate several weather data points are used to analyze the weather effects on household spending and Covid-19 restrictions for restaurants.

Data Provider: Worldline and Meteomatics

Period / Frequency: Daily from 2021-01-01

Covid-19 and Cash

Content: Trend (28-day moving average) in cash withdrawals by domestic debit cardholders, comparing the years 2021 and 2020. Furthermore, the monthly cash withdrawals are being compared to point-of-sale transactions from the same cardholders.

Data Provider: SIX

Period / Frequency: Monthly from 2021-01-01

Monthly Payment Card Transactions

Content: This dashboard presents monthly payment card transaction volumes for cash withdrawals, online transactions and point of sale (PoS) transactions with debit and credit cards. Transaction volumes are reported for domestic cards holders (cards issued in Switzerland) and foreign cardholders separately.

Data Providers: Swiss National Bank (SNB)

Period / Frequency: Monthly from 2015-01-01