NZZ Real-Time Economic Development Reports

In the past, the economy could only be seen in the rear-view mirror; several weeks or months usually passed before reliable data on economic developments were made available. But the Corona crisis has suddenly awakened great interest in timely information.

Numerous economists have therefore become creative. They have tapped new data sources to measure economic activity in near real-time. The data show, for example, how people curtailed consumption during the crisis and how economic activity picked up after the lockdown was eased.

Since the start of the pandemic, data journalists working for Neue Zürcher Zeitung, one of the leading newspagers in German-speaking Euorpe when it comes to matters of the economy, finance, and politics, have developed an overview of innovatively determined data on the economies of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, as well as on global economic activity. The figures and charts shown are updated each midweek. So you can check yourself how the economic situation is developing in the Corona crisis.

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